A photograph should be art. It should define its own meaning. I try to tell a story, entertain, and bring a sense of contentment and completeness to the viewer.

Decades ago I studied and worked in black and white film. Along with the times, I have switched to digital photography. I still prefer to work in black and white but I also realize color still serves a purpose. Hence, you will see both, but black and white is where my heart finds peace.

I live in north-central Indiana. My wife, Rhonda, is from eastern Iowa. Hence, many of my photographs are from these two areas. Both areas have their unique characteristics and I enjoy presenting the different scenery and settings that I see.

Rhonda is my spiritual supporter in my photographic endeavors.

And, finally, I would be remiss in not mentioning that my photographic skills and integrity of art in photography is due to the completely unselfish tutoring and mentoring of Bryson Leidich, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. http://www.brysonleidich.com/ His understanding of how to combine the technology without losing the essence of art is invaluable.

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